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In and Out
Daniel Maloso
In and Out
Catalogue Number
Comeme CD 02
Release Date
October 2012
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Party-rocking, Italo-influenced techno from Mexico's wunderkind Daniel Maloso. Rife with retro sounds and a bouncing dancefloor feel throughout, Maloso's debut recalls the likes of Daniele Baldelli, though plainly well-suited for modern times. Another quality output from the ever-upbeat and distinctly Latin flavoured Comeme label - perhaps the most fun dance label in the world.

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  1. 1 Shera 5:57 Daniel Maloso Buy
  2. 2 Body Music 6:06 Daniel Maloso Buy
  3. 3 Boney 4:51 Daniel Maloso Buy
  4. 4 They Came At Night 5:11 Daniel Maloso Buy
  5. 5 Punk Reggae Disco 4:57 Daniel Maloso Buy
  6. 6 Cafe Obscuro 5:40 Daniel Maloso Buy
  7. 7 Mamihlapinatapai 6:43 Daniel Maloso Buy
  8. 8 Control y Voltaje 4:24 Daniel Maloso Buy
  9. 9 Right Kind 5:25 Daniel Maloso Buy
  10. 10 Steady Rolling (All my Life) 5:09 Daniel Maloso Buy

Daniel Maloso


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