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Apulati Bien
Non Masse
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 26, 2023


Press Release

"Non Masse" is the new LP from Brussels-based artist and producer Apulati Bien.

After several notable releases on the Parisian label Promesses ("OO:NÉ", "RER TRACKS" & "Azone", jointly released on the Belgian label KRAAK) in solo or via the duo XOLOT he forms with artist Vica Pacheco, navigating in a neo-futuristic aesthetic with glitch and experimental influences mixed with juke, footwork and more broadly bass music heritage, Apulati Bien explores this time new territories, devoid of preconceived forms and leaving more space to each element.

Recorded at the time of the finalization of his last album "Azone" released in February 2022, with the will to proceed with a different method, even opposed to the one he knows, "Non Masse" (whose title is equivocal of the approach) is a more aerial object, with unquantified structures and sliding material, reflecting a feeling of "wanting to get out of (his) own mass", according to his words. A feeling certainly shared by many during the troubled period of the last two years, and which echoes a general desire for detachment, for withdrawal combined with a search for discovery in these overloaded times.

"Non Masse" is not however an object apart from Apulati Bien's discography, where we find the main elements of his music : futuristic references, glitch and digital contortions, which should not be approached as a light object but as a complex one, where the subtle details don't aim at diverting the attention, but on the contrary at nourishing a more global speech. The title "Alone Global" of one of the tracks is probably the most accurate definition of this project.

  1. 1 Birds 1:30
  2. 2 Seeder 1:30
  3. 3 Alone Global 1:30
  4. 4 Users 1:30
  5. 5 Dying Doctors 1:30
  6. 6 Science Club 1:30
  7. 7 Precog 1:30

Apulati Bien

Electronic and Electronica

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