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Snowboarding in Argentina (25th Anniversary Edition)
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July 14, 2023

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Named after their dream destination if the album made it big, Swayzak’s debut Snowboarding in Argentina is finally reissued and remastered via Lapsus Records. Its tracks were scattered across varying tracklists on vinyl and CD releases in 1998, all swaddled in an inviting, shiny gauze. Now, this definitive 25th anniversary edition collects them all, and then some, decked in Perennial beige for Lapsus’s Perennial Series of reissues.

The explorations of hardware jams that David Nicholas Brown and James S. Taylor dabbled in throughout the years evolved into an album full of hope and variety, seeing them gig across the globe. Like the zigzagging motions of snowboarders and skiers, the duo slide down a mountain of electronic dance styles, from twitchy, azure deep house that recognises its Detroit influences, to dubby crushes of longform beat explorations, and all the breakbeat eruptions that happen in between.

Swayzak revel in the lush and laidback: ‘Cone’ is more rainforest than it is jungle, with a moody bassline and skittering beats drenched in warm, cloudy atmospherics, while slight distortion gives the jittery percussive loops their colour. ‘Speedboat’ cruises along with dolphin whistles and the blue mist of sea spray, and ‘Blocks’ is crystal clear with air pushing, swishing breakbeats, influenced by hip hop rhythms and indebted to bliss. ‘Skin Diving’ is one of the more dynamic cuts, where foaming drums crash in a sudden avalanche, amidst springy synths and licks of guitar slaps.

A quarter of a century later, Swayzak’s debut album Snowboarding in Argentina remains timeless.

All tracks recorded between 1995 and 1998 at various locations around London:

Highlever Road W10.
Westbourne Park Road W11.
Earlsfield SW18.
Shepherds Bush W12.
Kilburn NW6.
The Barge, Twickenham.

Music by James Stephen Taylor and David Nicholas Brown.
Additional production at The Barge, Twickenham, by Kenneth John Paterson: Speedboat, l.o.9.v.e. (Boat Mix) and Low Res Skyline.
Mastered by Pedro Pina.
Original artwork by Edwin Godfrey.
Artwork update by Basora.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Speedboat (2023 Edit) 9:28 Buy

    Speedboat (2023 Edit)

  2. 2 Low Res Skyline (2023 Edit) 14:49 Buy

    Low Res Skyline (2023 Edit)

  3. 3 Blocks (2023 Edit) 6:53 Buy

    Blocks (2023 Edit)

  4. 4 Burma Heights (2023 Edit) 12:01 Buy

    Burma Heights (2023 Edit)

  5. 5 Skin Diving (2023 Edit) 6:10 Buy

    Skin Diving (2023 Edit)

  6. 6 Fukumachi (2023 Edit) 8:00 Buy

    Fukumachi (2023 Edit)

  7. 7 l.o.9.v.e. (2023 Edit) 9:38 Buy

    l.o.9.v.e. (2023 Edit)

  8. 8 Cone (Mix 2) 9:19 Buy
  9. 9 Bueno (2023 Edit) 12:28 Buy

    Bueno (2023 Edit)

  10. 10 French Dub (2023 Edit) 3:24 Buy

    French Dub (2023 Edit)

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