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Pye Corner Audio
Sleep Games
Ghost Box
Catalogue Number
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October 19, 2012


Originally released in 2012 and unavailable on vinyl since then, PYE Corner Audio's Sleep Games was one of Our Head Technician's earliest releases and has gone onto become one of his most cherished. A brilliant mix of science fiction library sounds encased in a bleary eyed radiophonic techno mist.

Another well-rounded, sci-fi themed release from Pye Corner Audio, who have been lurking in the shadows since their release of 'Black Mill Tapes' on Type, earlier in 2012. Surprisingly, 'Sleep Games' veers left of Ghost Box's familiar occult / hauntological leanings towards the slo-mo, post-disco, minimal wave chug of Not Not Fun, L.I.E.S. etc; acknowledging the likes of John Carpenter and Umberto along the way - less the likes of Delia Derbyshire and Belbury Poly.

Utterly brilliant!

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Sleep Games Pye Corner Audio 5:05 Buy
  2. 2 The Black Mill Video Tape Pye Corner Audio 5:09 Buy
  3. 3 Print Through Pye Corner Audio 0:54 Buy
  4. 4 Deep End Pye Corner Audio 4:11 Buy
  5. 5 Into the Maze Pye Corner Audio 4:34 Buy
  6. 6 Experimental Road Surface Pye Corner Audio 1:33 Buy
  7. 7 Yesterday's Entertainment Pye Corner Audio 2:12 Buy
  8. 8 The Mirror Ball Cracked Pye Corner Audio 4:49 Buy
  9. 9 Palais Spectres Pye Corner Audio 4:07 Buy
  10. 10 Remanence Pye Corner Audio 2:35 Buy
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