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Until The Quiet Comes
Flying Lotus
Until The Quiet Comes
Cat. No.
Release Date
October 2012
18 Tracks
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Flying Lotus’ fourth full length album finally arrives marking the exciting evolution of his collage hopping sound, taking in everything from jazz, blues, hip hop and dubstep. Featuring an all star cast that counts Erykah Badu, Thom Yorke, Niki Randa, Laura Darlington and Thundercat amongst others, with the help of his Brainfeeder label Steven Ellison’s sound has officially come into a world all of his own. With ‘Until The Quiet Comes’, Ellison winds his way through dizzying shards of snaking sound – harps, guitars, snares, bells and unrelenting pounding bass, in suitably grandiose fashion, yet all the while details remain astute, minute and completely uncluttered. Brilliant from start to finish.

Track List

  1. 1 All In 2:58 Flying Lotus Buy
  2. 2 Getting There (feat. Niki Randa) 1:49 Flying Lotus Buy
  3. 3 Until The Colours Come 1:07 Flying Lotus Buy
  4. 4 Heave(n) 2:22 Flying Lotus Buy
  5. 5 Tiny Tortures 3:03 Flying Lotus Buy
  6. 6 All The Secrets 1:56 Flying Lotus Buy
  7. 7 Sultan's Request 1:41 Flying Lotus Buy
  8. 8 Putty Boy Strut 2:53 Flying Lotus Buy
  9. 9 See Thru To U (feat. Erykah Badu) 2:24 Flying Lotus Buy
  10. 10 Until The Quiet Comes 2:40 Flying Lotus Buy
  11. 11 DMT Song (feat. Thundercat) 1:19 Flying Lotus Buy
  12. 12 The Nightcaller 3:28 Flying Lotus Buy
  13. 13 Only If You Wanna 1:42 Flying Lotus Buy
  14. 14 Electric Candyman (feat. Thom Yorke) 3:32 Flying Lotus Buy
  15. 15 Hunger (feat. Niki Randa) 3:39 Flying Lotus Buy
  16. 16 Phantasm (feat. Laura Darlington) 3:51 Flying Lotus Buy
  17. 17 me Yesterday//Corded 4:39 Flying Lotus Buy
  18. 18 Dream To Me 1:36 Flying Lotus Buy

Flying Lotus

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