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Beatcroff Slabs
Oberman Knocks
Beatcroff Slabs
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August 2012
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Oberman Knocks presents his second album ‘Beatcroft Slabs’, a menacing blast of industrial electronics that begs a patient ear. On first listens gratification is far from instant, yet stick with the grinding, warped electronic sounds and the complexities and experimentation gain considerable ground. An abstract miasma of convoluted sounds with abundant texture and diminutive structure.

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  1. 1 Ak-himp Rise 3:26 Oberman Knocks Buy
  2. 2 Gonn Blass Locker 2:13 Oberman Knocks Buy
  3. 3 Maightch 3:42 Oberman Knocks Buy
  4. 4 Konshun Four 7:48 Oberman Knocks Buy
  5. 5 Leckren Verso 4:34 Oberman Knocks Buy
  6. 6 Tek-fir Blades 2:59 Oberman Knocks Buy
  7. 7 Degonnt Type Runners 3:52 Oberman Knocks Buy
  8. 8 Fewton Tension Kords 2:28 Oberman Knocks Buy
  9. 9 Cozermas 4:05 Oberman Knocks Buy
  10. 10 Ketra Ripp 3:10 Oberman Knocks Buy
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Oberman Knocks


Experimental and Noise

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