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Geoff White
Spectral Sound
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April 19, 2005

As a follow-up to the more organic Ince, Ohio/Spains ?s Geoff White gives us Etsche, an energetic set of minimal techno that employs his characteristic guitar sounds (also explored in a more sublime way under the Aeroc moniker) amidst a tapestry of other percussive and melodic elements. The track ?Etsche? marks a noticeably different, highly focused direction for White and the Spectral label, as its straightforward techno sound is steeped in bubbling rhythmic variations and cooing synth washes.

?Guitarjacked? begins deceptively with a looped acoustic guitar strum, which is soon underpinned by a kicking, shuffling beat that gives it an unexpectedly high spirit. ?Scillecta? balances this with its darker clang and humming bass refrain, which mutate into staccato, popping melodies with an almost dubby sensibility.

As the second in a series of Geoff White EPs designed to explore his diversity of style and flair for staggered, disjointed beats, Etsche uses ?short and sweet? to its best ends, presenting a suite of tracks guaranteed to liven up any dancefloor with style and substance in equal measure.

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Geoff White

Spectral Sound

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