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Ideologic Organ
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July 2012
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Apocalyptic noise mastery from three undeniably impressive artists. With Stephen O’Malley on bass guitar, Oren Ambarchi on percussion and Keiji Haino taking care of guitar, vocals and synth, the trio present Nazoranai, recorded live at Gaite Lyrique, Paris in 2011. The three are a power trio of the highest order, yet it is Haino, given more of the opportunity who is a force to behold on the recording – veering recklessly on a hell-bent mission, tearing up the most caustic of sounds, from intense abstract motifs to rhythmic chants from his axe-wielding position.

  1. 1 feel the ultimate joy towards the resolve of pillar being shattered within you again and again and again 23:47 Nazoranai Buy
  2. 2 not a joy to come closer but so-called a sacred insanity has finally appeared 9:48 Nazoranai Buy
  3. 3 getting a bit blurry brush up your cartel and devote it to something 21:56 Nazoranai Buy
  4. 4 not to leave everything to the light outside of you but to be aware of the prayer "what do i want to do?" that exists inside of you, and let that go out of you as a light, or things might get worse, no? 16:35 Nazoranai Buy


Ideologic Organ

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Experimental and Noise

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