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Genesis P-Orridge and The Hafler Trio
Dream Less Suite
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 24, 2023


Genesis P-Orridge and The Hafler Trio are monumental artists in their own rights, both “pioneers of the industrial underground” and originators in experimental scenes throughout the 80s and onwards. Having crossed paths many times, the two have amassed many recordings in the vault, now seeing the light of day with the first new album from The Hafler Trio since 2016. Dream Less Suite (riffing on Psychic TV’s Dreams Less Sweet) presents recalibrated and remastered recordings of material created over the years: “soundtracks to unfinished films, live performances and the real versions of tracks you know and love.”

On tracks like ‘Alaura’ and ‘Slave Priest’, Genesis P-Orridge’s voice is the sole source of sounds used, alchemically manipulated into shifting whispers slowly folding over themselves, and vibrating atoms buzzing off of the walls. Originally released on a relatively obscure mini CD in 1990, they’ve been given new life in the album with their ‘(yes)’ versions. Elsewhere, electricity courses through ‘Better Not To Begin’, with brutal guitar scratching through a murky cavern of sound and beckoning hisses behind it. ‘E-am-E’ turns down a mutated technoid route, with chopped pieces of noise forming a skittering, downtempo beat amongst atmosphere, morse code-like pulses.

Unearthing recordings with Genesis P-Orridge, The Hafler Trio produces a collaboration of high calibre.

File under: Subliminal soul music for the very faint-hearted.
Demented disco for insecure insomniacs.
Asymmetric acid for hoovering hipsters.
Immersive polka for naughty night nurses.
Soothing sounds for crying babies.
Liberating latin for lesbians on xtc.
Transcending tribalism for jogging junkies.
Frenetic freakbeat for nihilistic numerologists.
Jiving jazz for tyrannic transgenders.
Hypnotic exotica for corrupt gymnastics.
Indescribable sounds for angry journalists.
Endless entertainment for everyone and the rest of the family.
All f#cks given 2.0. Masters at work.

All music and compositions by The Hafler Trio & Genesis P-Orridge.
רדאמשענ features Eric Random & Z’EV.
Artwork by The Hafler Trio.
Published by Freibank and Miss Jackie Songs (BMI).
Mastered by Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea Mastering from the original tapes.
Cut by Dubplates & Mastering Berlin.
Lay out by Jef Cuypers.


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