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The Sincere Interruption
Eric Lanham
The Sincere Interruption
Spectrum Spools
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July 2012
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Eric Lanham, also known as Carl Calm and Palmetto Moon Electronic Group, finally releases his first long playing record under his own name. Commissioned in 2011 and recorded in 2012, it is a meticulously crafted set of improvised electronic compositions. With dislocated rhythms and a great attention to detail, it has elements of early Mille Plateaux and Warp, while looking even further back in to early electronic music. An album the encourages repeated listens and a welcomed addition to the Spectrum Spools catalogue.

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  1. 1 Handling Noise 1:36 Eric Lanham Buy
  2. 2 21:00 6:19 Eric Lanham Buy
  3. 3 The Sincere Interruption 3:16 Eric Lanham Buy
  4. 4 Liminalimit 6:20 Eric Lanham Buy
  5. 5 WN 689 2:27 Eric Lanham Buy
  6. 6 AM/ER JOS 3:54 Eric Lanham Buy
  7. 7 Position: BWIK 3:32 Eric Lanham Buy
  8. 8 No Ordinates 8:16 Eric Lanham Buy
  9. 9 SDF 689 3:51 Eric Lanham Buy

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