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Endless Summer
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Release Date
11 Dezember 2006

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Re-issue of this eternal classic from Fennesz...

Originally released in 2001 by Peter Rehberg's Editions Mego imprint, Endless Summer was a breakthrough album for Austrian experimental musician Christian Fennesz. Following the more obtuse and the Beach Boys homage, Endless Summer '06 saw Fennesz mixing the heavily processed guitars to the front while pushing the electronics crackling and shimmering to the background further extending the album's reputation into the timeless.

His misappropriation of the Beach Boys harmonic and melodic sound palette is evident here like never before. Cutting through the warm fuzzy wall of sound are lacerating melody lines and skipping tone bursts of colour; especially in the quivering marimba drive of Cecilia, the hypnotic Oval pulse in Before I Leave, and the towering granular scrape of Happy Audio. Endless Summer went on to top many ends of year polls, but more importantly, it raised the bar high, setting a benchmark in sonic exploration and fractured pop deconstruction.

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 Made In Hong Kong 4:25 Kaufen
  2. 2 Endless Summer 8:32 Kaufen
  3. 3 A Year In A Minute 6:04 Kaufen
  4. 4 Caecilia 3:53 Kaufen
  5. 5 Got To Move On 3:50 Kaufen
  6. 6 Shisheido 2:58 Kaufen
  7. 7 Before I Leave 4:09 Kaufen
  8. 8 Happy Audio 10:53 Kaufen
  9. 9 Badminton Girl 4:10 Kaufen
  10. 10 Endless 2:02 Kaufen


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