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Empty The Bones Of You
Empty The Bones Of You
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September 2003
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Whilst still underpinned by the IDM and glitch tones found on his debut album, Clark’s second LP Empty The Bones deals in chunkier beats yet still retains a wholly left-field edge. From the off we’re treated to hard-hitting stomps, distortion and scrambled voices on ‘Indigo Optimus’ with ‘Tyre’ following a similar strategy. It isn’t all brutal though, with more sentimental tracks such as the twinkling ambiance of ‘Early Moss’, the minimalistic piano piece ‘Tyre’ and ‘The Sun Too Slow’ maintaining a perfect balance.

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  1. 1 Indigo Optimus 5:22 Clark Buy
  2. 2 Holiday As Brutality 3:24 Clark Buy
  3. 3 Empty The Bones Of You 2:39 Clark Buy
  4. 4 Early Moss 2:56 Clark Buy
  5. 5 Tyre 1:12 Clark Buy
  6. 6 Tycan 4:19 Clark Buy
  7. 7 Wolf 6:21 Clark Buy
  8. 8 Slow Spines 3:38 Clark Buy
  9. 9 Umbilical Hut 3:41 Clark Buy
  10. 10 Farewell Track 3:06 Clark Buy
  11. 11 The Sun Too Slow 0:56 Clark Buy
  12. 12 Gavel Obliterated 3:46 Clark Buy
  13. 13 Gob Coitus 3:11 Clark Buy
  14. 14 Betty 4:23 Clark Buy


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