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David Chatton Barker & Sam McLoughlin
The Heavenly Realms - Cassette Candle Edition
Folklore Tapes
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February 24, 2023

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David Chatton Barker and Sam McLoughlin have been longtime collaborators. When invited to perform a residency responding to 18th century philosopher Emmanuel Swedenborg's works, time seemed the obvious medium. With longform explorations of antique clock bar chimes, The Heavenly Realms is a bountifully meditative experience of densely ringing soundscapes, containing starry twinkles and blissful drones resonating in symmetry. The hums, thrums, and reverberations are all at once angelic and introspective, perfect for the solitude of a gloomy candlelit room.

“Divine love produces life the way fire produces light . Fire has two qualities: burning and shining. Its burning radiates heat and its shining radiates light. Likewise love has two qualities. The burning quality of fire corresponds to one of them; it is something that affects our will at the deepest level. The shining quality of fire corresponds to the other: it is something that affects our intellect at the deepest level.

This is where our love and intelligence come from, because the heat that radiates from the sun in the spiritual world is essential love, and its light is essential wisdom. That love and that wisdom flow into each and every thing in the universe and affect them at the deepest level. In us, they flow into our will and intellect; both were created as vessels to receive what flows in, the will as a vessel for love and the intellect as a vessel for wisdom”

Emmanuel Swedenborg

  1. 1 Part One 30:03
  2. 2 Part Two 29:57

David Chatton Barker & Sam McLoughlin

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