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Sus Dog
Throttle Records
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May 26, 2023
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    Available: May 26, 2023

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“You’re never gonna know for sure” where Clark will go next. From drum laden visceral electronica through heavyweight apocalyptic techno to hushed and lush classical excursions, his sounds have known no bounds throughout his two decades strong career. It's all too fitting, then, that his tenth studio album is not only a milestone culmination of his work, but yet another first added to his varied repertoire. Much like how the live drums on Body Riddle pushed his music into dazzling new directions, Sus Dog finds Clark leading the tracks with his very own vocals.

Guided by and featuring the renowned Thom Yorke, Sus Dog explores a newly intimate and emotive angle for Clark as he muses on life and its complexities. While the music isn't without its signature throttle (the percussive pyrotechnics of 'Medicine' are proof of that), swooping falsettos and harmonies elevate many songs to an even lighter dimension. The Anika-featuring title track exemplifies this balance, where opalescent piano notes tiptoe in contrast with tangibly punching drums, charging against the soft trembles of Clark's voice.

'Alyosha' opens the album with a vehicular forward motion, its stormy drums and blood rushing energy ushering in a new mode. The motorised electronica of 'Town Crank' turns vicious with a jackhammering beat, topped by lyrical nonsequiturs that make perfect sense together in this happy-go-lucky rave. Wooden percussion stretches like bubblegum on the sunny 'Clutch Pearlers', met by the ticking hands of piano hammers on strings instilling a sense of wonder with 'Clutch Pearlers'. 'Bully' sees Clark descend into the towering obelisk of his lower register, dramatic and imposing before stuttering into dreamy clouds.

As Clark delves into lyrical structure with his newly explored singing, Sus Dog marks a robust and ever creative peak in his career


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