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Jeff Mills
Metropolis Metropolis
Axis Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 3, 2023


Though no stranger to sounds outside the club , Jeff Mills’ latest work is among his most ambitious and cerebral yet: following his initial first take back in 2000 Mills re-approaches Fritz Lang’s science fiction classic for a 2nd full length soundtrack for the film, aptly titled Metropolis Metropolis. Moving away from his tried and true 4/4 techno foundation, the album is also less a traditional film score, and more a sonic recreation of the movie which positions itself not so much as musical accompaniment, but film critique and philosophical quandary. The film’s hopeful theme, which portrays some unknown future in which the elite live luxuriously in the sky while the working class suffers in subterranean tenements, are also played out in Mills production. The in roads between supposed high art of classical and the crasser electronic music are actually much closer than expected. Even divorced of context though, Mills' elegiac sound design here is among his finest and most thoughtful work yet.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 The Masters of Work and Play 11:23 Buy

    The Masters of Work and Play

  2. 2 Metropolis Metropolis 12:34 Buy

    Metropolis Metropolis

  3. 3 Maria and the Impossible Dream 12:10 Buy

    Maria and the Impossible Dream

  4. 4 Transformation the Aftershock and Evil 12:10 Buy

    Transformation the Aftershock and Evil

  5. 5 Yoshiwara and the Players of Chance 12:14 Buy

    Yoshiwara and the Players of Chance

  6. 6 Liaisons and Complicated Affairs 14:47 Buy

    Liaisons and Complicated Affairs

Track List

  1. A. Jeff Mills - The Masters Of Work And Play
  2. B. Jeff Mills - Metropolis Metropolis
  3. C. Jeff Mills - Maria And The Impossible Dream
  4. D. Jeff Mills - Transformation The Aftershock And Evil
  5. E. Jeff Mills - Yoshiwara And The Players Of Chance
  6. F. Jeff Mills - Liaisons And Complicated Affairs

Jeff Mills

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