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Sebastian Tellier
My God Is Blue
Record Makers
Catalogue Number
REC 82-1
Release Date
April 20, 2012


Disco-house maverick, Sebastian Tellier, presents his latest album, ‘My God is Blue’. As only one would expect from the Frenchman, levels of pastiche and humour come in equal amounts to levels of sleaze and rousing drama. Produced by Ed Banger alumnus Mr. Flash, the album is kaleidoscopic in colour and depth, we hear pure and serene soundscapes alternated with classic Tellier moments of pompous excess and we can’t work out which we prefer....

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Pepito Bleu Sebastien Tellier 2:48 Buy
  2. 2 The Colour Of Your Mind Sebastien Tellier 5:05 Buy

    The Colour Of Your Mind

  3. 3 Sedulous Sebastien Tellier 4:23 Buy
  4. 4 Cochon Ville Sebastien Tellier 3:09 Buy
  5. 5 Magical Hurricane Sebastien Tellier 4:31 Buy

    Magical Hurricane

  6. 6 Russian Attractions Sebastien Tellier 2:58 Buy

    Russian Attractions

  7. 7 Mayday Sebastien Tellier 3:32 Buy
  8. 8 Draw Your World Sebastien Tellier 1:54 Buy

    Draw Your World

  9. 9 My Poseidon Sebastien Tellier 4:31 Buy
  10. 10 Against The Law Sebastien Tellier 4:48 Buy

    Against The Law

  11. 11 My God is Blue Sebastien Tellier 3:07 Buy

    My God is Blue

  12. 12 Yes It's Possible Sebastien Tellier 5:43 Buy

    Yes It's Possible

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