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The Expedition Beyond
Wil-Ru Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
July 1, 2011


EOD turns up on Wil-Ru Records under the CN guise with a dose of classic braindance electro, recorded around the time of his classic Utrecht 12" for 030303 (and set to demand crazy prices on the second-hand market for those not quick off the mark!). Sure to connect with all of the Analogical Force, Film & BBBBBB heads, but for those uninitiated, it's a really super solid superset of electro-techno tracks, sure to make your braindance.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Star Depot 39 Alpha CN 0:29 Buy

    Star Depot 39 Alpha

  2. 2 Past The Milky Way CN 0:23 Buy

    Past The Milky Way

  3. 3 Surfing Carina CN 0:23 Buy

    Surfing Carina

  4. 4 Coronal Mass Ejections CN 0:15 Buy

    Coronal Mass Ejections

  5. 5 Arrival At Star Base Zero CN 0:18 Buy

    Arrival At Star Base Zero

  6. 6 Charting The Path CN 0:17 Buy

    Charting The Path

  7. 7 Goodbye, Twin Suns CN 0:23 Buy

    Goodbye, Twin Suns

  8. 8 Adrift CN 0:16 Buy
  9. 9 Radiation Shields CN 0:22 Buy

    Radiation Shields

  10. 10 Alone On Deck CN 0:12 Buy

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