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Inner Hue
Inner Hue
Non Projects
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May 2012
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Non Projects founder Brian Allen Simon, a.k.a Anenon, follows up the recently released 'Acquiescence' EP with his excellent full length debut, 'Inner Hue'. Intricate melodies arising from high octave piano parts and roaring tenor sax fuse with programmed beats and washes of reverb to create wam, subtle textures and expansive soundscapes.

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  1. 1 Eighty-Four 3:04 Anenon Buy
  2. 2 This Is What I Meant 4:32 Anenon Buy
  3. 3 Stone River 1:06 Anenon Buy
  4. 4 Murmurs 6:09 Anenon Buy
  5. 5 Embers (feat. Laura Teasley) 2:58 Anenon Buy
  6. 6 Memory Residue 4:48 Anenon Buy
  7. 7 The Sea and the Stars 1:56 Anenon Buy
  8. 8 Inner Hue 4:41 Anenon Buy
  9. 9 I'm Awake Tonight 2:43 Anenon Buy
  10. 10 Entwine 5:22 Anenon Buy


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