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Spine Hits
Sleepy Sun
Spine Hits
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April 2012
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Frazzled by the heat and scorched by the sun, Sleepy Sun’s album, 'Spine Hits' sounds like it was made right there under the beating Californian sun. The band return with Dave Catching of both Queens of the Stone Age and Eagles of Death on board. Moments deviate between languid, tender moments of dreamy haze, such as on 'Boat Trip', to iron-clad, heavy steamrollers (albeit interspersed with snapshots of warmth) and buoyant, tightly produced pop-rock songs, such as 'V.O.G.'.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Stivey Pond 0:17 Sleepy Sun Buy
  2. 2 She Rex 0:23 Sleepy Sun Buy
  3. 3 Siouxsie Blaqq 0:27 Sleepy Sun Buy
  4. 4 Creature 0:19 Sleepy Sun Buy
  5. 5 Boat Trip 0:23 Sleepy Sun Buy
  6. 6 V.O.G. 0:25 Sleepy Sun Buy
  7. 7 Martyr's Mantra 0:36 Sleepy Sun Buy
  8. 8 Still Breathing 0:30 Sleepy Sun Buy
  9. 9 Yellow End 0:22 Sleepy Sun Buy
  10. 10 Deep War 0:21 Sleepy Sun Buy
  11. 11 Lioness (Requiem) 0:28 Sleepy Sun Buy

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