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12 stationer VI
Akos Rozmann
12 stationer VI
Ideologic Organ
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April 2012
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Edition Mego's Stephen O'Malley presents four extended recordings by the Hungarian-Swedish composer Akos Roazmann via his Ideologic Organ imprint. Having spent his early life in the world of classical music, Roazmann eventually took a huge leap into electronic music. He sought to address important themes and questions with his music – his spiritual purpose and aspirations always at the forefront of his compositions, Roazmann produced an outstanding body of work steeped in passion, authority and belief, a true modernist.....

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  1. 1 12 Stations VI I 20:57 Akos Rozmann Buy
  2. 2 12 Stations VI II 21:38 Akos Rozmann Buy
  3. 3 12 Stations VI III 20:25 Akos Rozmann Buy
  4. 4 Dorr med tarar 20:32 Akos Rozmann Buy

Akos Rozmann

Ideologic Organ

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Ambient and Modern Classical

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