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Various Artists
Boogie Times Records - The Album
Boogie Times Records
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December 9, 2022


Press Release

The legendary vinyl emporium BOOGIE TIMES RECORDS home of the seminal label Suburban Base Records and birthplace to careers and labels that have gone on to inspire and influence dance music for several decades.

Anyone that visited felt the energy and creativity. Regulars would spend hours soaking in the atmosphere and picking up the latest essential vinyl. Now this tribute album to this iconic part of rave history is the essential vinyl!

BOOGIE TIMES THE ALBUM – A four piece set of vinyl presented in an incredible gatefold sleeve displaying an artistic rendition of this legendary location, the detail is incredible and instantly will be familiar to anyone that frequented the store. You can see through the window the activity inside, then take a closer look… fold back the gatefold sleeve and you’re inside as you’re instantly transported back to the early 90’s, shopping at Boogie Times, hanging out with Winston Run Tings, Danny Breaks and all the Subbase Crew!

The Boogie Times label was the precursor and sister label to Suburban Base, and here we find some of the rarities and collectible that helped lay the foundation for not only Subbase but emerging genres that followed. Lovingly mastered and resorted 16 tracks, cut across 4 pieces of black vinyl in a format suitable for DJing. And including several alternate and unreleased versions of these classic early works.

This is a stunning collectible piece of rave history, even we are blown away with how great this album looks, it is probably the best packaged project we’ve ever released.

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Track List

  1. A1. Phuture Assassins - I Like Techno
  2. A2. D'Cruze - I Believe
  3. B1. DJ Peekay - Come My Selecta
  4. B2. E-Type - Listen Up (Listen Louder Mix) (Unreleased '91)
  5. C1. D'Cruze ft. Rachel Wallace - Life ('92)
  6. C2. GBH - Back From The Grave (Enslave Your Mind Mix) (Unreleased '92)
  7. D1. E-Type - Triple X (X-Rated X-Tended Mix) (Unrelease '91)
  8. D2. E.Kude - Never Let Go ('92)
  9. E1. Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Higher ('91)
  10. E2. Max Voltage - Make You Scream ('91)
  11. F1. E.Kude - Common Sensi ('92)
  12. F2. Double D AKA Q-Bass - The Unnamed Amen (Limited Promo Only '94)
  13. G1. Timebase ft. Kromozone AKA Krome & Time - Unity (The Key to Success Mix) (Unreleased '91)
  14. G2. E.Kude - Don't Be Afraid
  15. H1. Phuture Assassins - Phuture Assassins - Theme (On Speed Mix) (Unreleased '90)
  16. H2. E-Type - M25's ('91)

Boogie Times Records

Drum&Bass / Hardcore / Jungle

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