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Roy Of The Ravers
2 Late 4 Love [2023 Edition]
Acid Waxa
Catalogue Number
Release Date
17 marzo 2023


Roy Of The Ravers’ 2016 Acid Waxa EP 2 Late 4 Love is a certified underground classic. Long out of print (and itself culled down from a much longer and slightly rougher 2015 self-released cassette), 2 Late 4 Love has sadly long been out of print, but Waxa has finally given it a fresh sheen for this 2023 reissue. The opening title track and closing ‘Emotinium’ are the stars here, tried-and-true acid house workouts that see Roy push his machines to their very limit, but ‘Melchester Acid’ is yet another lo-fi gem for the ravers.

Roy Of The Ravers

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Acid Waxa

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Electro and Acid

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