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Fever Ray
Radical Romantics
Rabid Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
10 mars 2023


Fever Ray’s highly anticipated third album is an examination of what humanity has been infatuated with perhaps since its very beginning, written in jittery dance beats like new sparks of young love, and full-bodied synth chaos razed with doubt. Reuniting with Olof Dreijer and an army of collaborators, Fever Ray claws at the interpersonal on Radical Romantics: amidst thunderous heartbeats, lute-like flutters, and the Eurodance sugar rush of ‘Carbon Dioxide’, they muse on the microscopic motions of lovers in ‘Tapping Fingers’, and darkly march forward on ‘North’ while recognising our preoccupation with passion is “a way to thrive”.

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 What They Call Us 4:27 Acheter

    What They Call Us

  2. 2 Shiver 4:35 Acheter


  3. 3 New Utensils 4:17 Acheter

    New Utensils

  4. 4 Kandy 4:07 Acheter


  5. 5 Even It Out 3:07 Acheter

    Even It Out

  6. 6 Looking For A Ghost 3:39 Acheter

    Looking For A Ghost

  7. 7 Carbon Dioxide 4:51 Acheter

    Carbon Dioxide

  8. 8 North 4:04 Acheter


  9. 9 Tapping Fingers 3:57 Acheter

    Tapping Fingers

  10. 10 Bottom Of The Ocean 7:06 Acheter

    Bottom Of The Ocean

Track List

  1. What They Call Us
  2. Shiver
  3. New Utensils
  4. Kandy
  5. Even It Out
  6. Looking For A Ghost
  7. Carbon Dioxide
  8. North
  9. Tapping Fingers
  10. Bottom Of The Ocean

Fever Ray

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