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The Ghost In Daylight
The Ghost In Daylight
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April 2012
10 Tracks
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Gravenhurst, AKA Nick Talbot, returns to the Warp fold after a five year hiatus with a new album and new direction. Ambient soundscapes push apart the folky acoustic melodies that so characterise his sound, yielding wide open expanses and moments of solitary bliss. Drones make their presence felt behind delicate guitar rhythms, half-whispered vocals and drops in temperature with icy synthesizers.

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  1. 1 Circadian 4:10 Gravenhurst Buy
  2. 2 The Prize 6:38 Gravenhurst Buy
  3. 3 Fitzrovia 8:08 Gravenhurst Buy
  4. 4 In Miniature 4:32 Gravenhurst Buy
  5. 5 Carousel 1:28 Gravenhurst Buy
  6. 6 Islands 8:05 Gravenhurst Buy
  7. 7 The Foundry 4:21 Gravenhurst Buy
  8. 8 Peacock 2:43 Gravenhurst Buy
  9. 9 The Ghost of Saint Paul 6:02 Gravenhurst Buy
  10. 10 Three Fires 4:15 Gravenhurst Buy


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