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Tatsuro Kojima
Audiobulb Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 2012
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Delicately layered structures of gossamer sound from Japanese sound artist Tatsuro Kojima. His compositions work themselves primarily around field recordings of footsteps in the ice and snow, upon which Kojima builds a detailed arrangement of acoustic sounds and diminutive electronics, boundaries blurred and rich textures built. The field recordings lending the work a crisp and brittle edge. A joy to listen to.

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  1. 1 0002 0:24 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  2. 2 Hidden 0:35 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  3. 3 Composition3 0:37 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  4. 4 16g 0:39 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  5. 5 Out Noise 0:37 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  6. 6 0818 0:22 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  7. 7 0504 0:19 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  8. 8 Room 0:14 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  9. 9 Inside and Outside 0:33 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  10. 10 423 fredricson mix 0:29 Tatsuro Kojima Buy
  11. 11 Composition6 1:09 Tatsuro Kojima Buy

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