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A Matter of Scale
A Matter of Scale
Soul Jazz Records
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January 2009
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Wielding his scalpel his scalpel again for Soul Jazz, Secondo, dissects and reassembles dusty old disco loops with surgical precision - listen carefully and you may be familiar with some of those hooks!

This is Secondo's debut LP and it rounds up ten tracks in total that epitomize his unique 'hatchet-house' style. The opening gambit 'Ought To Say' sets an immediate, dramatic tone and eases you into the highlight of the album 'Kuwait' - a futuristic, robo-disco monster - heavy on the hi-gloss and vocoder. The mood is changed again with 'Distrails', an unnerving techno-fusion jam that demonstrates his masterful programming savvy. On a deeper note still, the album concludes with the hauntingly delicate 'Solstice' and 'Fine Primo Tempo'.

As with all Soul Jazz releases,

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  1. 1 Ought to Say 6:21 Secondo Buy
  2. 2 Macula 4:39 Secondo Buy
  3. 3 Kuwait 5:31 Secondo Buy
  4. 4 Wait for It to Come 5:37 Secondo Buy
  5. 5 Distrails 4:51 Secondo Buy
  6. 6 Quantum Lady 4:56 Secondo Buy
  7. 7 AZ201 3:02 Secondo Buy
  8. 8 Burns Me Up 4:16 Secondo Buy
  9. 9 Solstice 4:48 Secondo Buy
  10. 10 Fine Primo Tempo 2:29 Secondo Buy


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