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Easy (Remixes)
Turbo Recordings
Catalogue Number
Turbo 217R
Release Date
September 30, 2022

We are proud to present he latest from Turbo Recordings Executive Honcho Tiga, a massive ode to passive-aggressive income remixed by Héctor Oaks, Der Zyklus, and Decius. “No one wants to work their body anymore,” says the Montreal merrymaker from atop a throne in the exact shape of a digital wallet. “I get it. Who wants their surplus sweat equity vacuumed up off the dance floor by corporate parasites when the real future’s in decentralized skanking? But that’s why people in my position - the top one-percent in terms of nightlife and hospitality take-home pay - have to offer real benefits to risking it all in the clubs. I’m talking dance-move insurance, competitive drink ticket packages, and - most of all - the kind of brick-and-mortar bangers Rhythm Nation was founded upon back in 1814.” While gratingly content with the original version, Tiga has nonetheless chosen to flood the Marketplace of Ideas with a plurality (3) of voices he feels will optimally position this release in today’s

unforgiving Neo-Centrist landscape. This stunning grassfed vinyl 12” opens with a remix by Berlin- based vinyl-only DJ Héctor Oaks, who has been described as “operating at the absolute vanguard of

rave.” Please rememberthat describing people this way is basically injecting them with Imposter Syndrome. The release also features a remix by Der Zyklus, an alias of Gerald Donald, the epochal genius from Drexciya, Dopplereffekt, Japanese Telecom, Abstract Thought, Zerkalo, Zwischenwelt, and many other fantastic projects. Finally, Decius closes out the EP with all the British Mischief you might expect from UK luminaries from Trashmouth Records, Fat White Family, and Paranoid London. "I’ve designed my entire life around the concept of ease,” adds Tiga. "I never wanted to work for a law firm. I wanted to make beats for a law firm. I’ve always been selfemployed, and that why my street cred’s off the street charts. And I’ve let as much of that freedom trickle down to the audience as I can. Because when it comes to music, there’s no such thing as an acceptable minimum wage. You gotta know that you gotta give it all you got or you’re gonna get got.”

Digital Tracklist

A1 – Easy (Héctor Oaks Difficulty Adjusted Mix)
B1 – Easy (Der Zyklus - Quantum Matrix)
B2 – Easy (Decius Remix)


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