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Man With The Magic Soap
Thrill Jockey
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Release Date
October 21, 2022

Press Release

Man With The Magic Soap’ is the debut album by English (by way of Berlin) duo, Persher. While it may be their debut, Persher was formed by promethean producers Arthur Cayzer (Pariah) and Jamie Roberts (Blawan). ‘Man With The Magic Soap’ balances ferocious immediacy with meticulous sound design. A metal album created by UK techno and ambient visionaries. Cayzer elaborates: “Whilst making the record we tried hard to avoid thinking about how a band, playing in a room, might achieve a certain sound and instead used the instruments as source material in an attempt to produce new and interesting sounds...” Both artists’ boundaryless solo releases have established them as two of the most inventive and versatile producers in electronic music, extending from chest-rattling rhythm workouts drenched in rumbling low-end to psychotropic soundscapes that blossom from synthesizer pads into tangible atmospheres. Their live collaboration, Karenn, recaptures the punk ethics and energy of early dance music pioneers. Persher channels that same ingenuity and abandon into an exploration of heavier sonics, using electronic synthesis to sculpt sky-clawing riffs and bludgeoning rhythms on their searing debut.

Track List

  1. Man With The Magic Soap
  2. Calf
  3. Ten Tiny Teeth
  4. World Sandwiches 2
  5. Face To Face Cloth
  6. Mother Hen
  7. Patch of Wet Ground

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