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Aphex Twin
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 2001

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Originally released in 2001, Drukqs saw a marked departure for Richard D James. Varying sounds and styles more than ever before, he experimented as much with wistful piano solos as with breakcore-led electronics. Across 30 tracks in some 100 minutes, he expands upon ideas flirted with in past days, with Cornish words and bizarre jumbles of letters providing fodder for his confusing track titles. A famous inspiration for many others (the Satie-esque 'Avril 14' was sampled on Kanye West's 'Blame Game' in 2010), it remains a vital listen.

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  1. 1 Jynweythek 2:23 Aphex Twin Buy
  2. 2 Vordhosbn 4:51 Aphex Twin Buy
  3. 3 Kladfvgbung Mischk 2:06 Aphex Twin Buy
  4. 4 Omgyjya-Switch7 4:52 Aphex Twin Buy
  5. 5 Strotha Tynhe 2:12 Aphex Twin Buy
  6. 6 Gwety Mernans 5:08 Aphex Twin Buy
  7. 7 Bbydhyonchord 2:33 Aphex Twin Buy
  8. 8 Cock/ver10 5:18 Aphex Twin Buy
  9. 9 Avril 14th 2:05 Aphex Twin Buy
  10. 10 Mt Saint Michel + Saint Michaels Mount 8:10 Aphex Twin Buy
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