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The Revenant Diary
Mark Van Hoen
The Revenant Diary
Editions Mego
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December 2011
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Gently rhythmic solo material from founding Seefeel member, Mark Van Hoen, who makes his debut on Editions Mego. While remastering some of his early works, Van Hoen happened upon a track he had recorded in 1982, attracted by its simplicity, he was inspired to record the basis of 'The Revenant Diary' on a 4-track tape, using a basic set-up, reminiscent of his nascent musical adventures. 'The Revenant Diary' is a tender hum of activity that vibrates in its loop-based form through a canvas of coarse cadence - at times verging on the borderline of ambient, yet never letting go of an acute sense of beat awareness. Some of the most beautifully spectral material we are yet to hear from Van Hoen.

N.B. Both the CD version and double gatefold LP vinyl comes with a beautiful spot gloss varnish on the cover.

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  1. 1 Look Into My Eyes 4:22 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  2. 2 Garabndl x 3:56 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  3. 3 Don't Look Back 4:16 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  4. 4 I Remember 5:50 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  5. 5 No Distance (Except the One Between You and Me) 3:37 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  6. 6 37/3d 6:20 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  7. 7 Where Were You 4:40 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  8. 8 Why Hide From Me 2:49 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  9. 9 Unknown Host 4:16 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  10. 10 Laughing Stars At Night 4:36 Mark Van Hoen Buy
  11. 11 Holy Me 9:36 Mark Van Hoen Buy

Mark Van Hoen

Editions Mego

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