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Back On Track: Nicholas presents Nu Groove
Various Artists
Back On Track: Nicholas presents Nu Groove
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November 2011
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Needwant take the classic house sounds of the seminal New York dance label, Nu Groove, pivotal in the early manifestation of house music as we know it in the late 1980s to early 1990s, and bring it up to date with their 'Back on Track' project. The man responsible for the revision is young Italian talent, Nicholas, who puts a fresh spin on the originals yet still manages to savour the rawness and authenticity that the tracks are steeped in.

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  1. 1 When Can I Call You ((Nicholas Dirty Dub Remix)) 0:38 Lisa Lee
  2. 2 I'm Glad You Came To Me ((Nicholas Garage Dub Mix)) 0:43 Bas Noir
  3. 3 Apt1A ((Nicholas Witness Remix)) 0:41 N.Y. House'n Authority
  4. 4 Come 'N Get It ((Nicholas Vocal Remix)) 0:47 Emjay
  5. 5 Tech Trax Inc. ((Nicholas House Keys Remix)) 0:41 Tech Trax Inc.
  6. 6 The Booty Dance ((Nicholas Raw Interpretation)) 0:42 K.A.T.O
  7. 7 I've Just Begun To Love You ((Nicholas Love Re-Edit)) 0:35 Roqui
  8. 8 Black Man ((Nicholas Black & Proud Mix)) 0:45 Basil Hardhaus 2 featuring Burrell
  9. 9 Domm Domm, Yeah, mm hmm ((Nicholas Basement Remix)) 0:42 Equation
  10. 10 Set Me Free ((Nicholas Vocal Remix)) 0:43 Roqui
  11. 11 How Do You Love A Black Woman ((Nicholas Fierce Beats Remix)) 0:40 Houz' Neegroz
  12. 12 Brownstone Express ((Nicholas Underground Remix)) 0:37 Metro
  13. 13 Nicholas Nu Groove DJ Mix 6:19 Various Artists


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