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Sigur Ros
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November 2011
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A stunning release from the ethereal Icelandics, Sigur Ros, and a welcome return after a three year hiatus from releasing new material. Although 'Inni' is not new material as such, the live album template is an essential addition to any avid fans of Sigur Ros and lovers of beautifully introspective melodies, so delicate and fragile they sound like they could fall to pieces right before your ears. Featuring a 105-minute double live album, recorded at the close of their last tour in November 2008 at London's Alexandra Palace, the CD version also comes complete with a 75-minute film from the same show. Originally filmed on HD digital in black and white, the film was then transferred to 16mm film and later projected and re-filmed once again through objects including glass and finally meticulously pieced together once again. The final product is rich and haunting 75 minutes of spine-chilling emotion.

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  1. 1 Svefn-G-Englar 10:12 Sigur Ros Buy
  2. 2 Glósóli 6:52 Sigur Ros Buy
  3. 3 Ny Batterí 8:38 Sigur Ros Buy
  4. 4 Fljótavík 3:38 Sigur Ros Buy
  5. 5 Vid Spilum Endalaust 3:58 Sigur Ros Buy
  6. 6 Hoppípolla 4:13 Sigur Ros Buy
  7. 7 Med Blódnasir 2:22 Sigur Ros Buy
  8. 8 Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur 4:08 Sigur Ros Buy
  9. 9 E-Bow 9:09 Sigur Ros Buy
  10. 10 Sæglópur 7:40 Sigur Ros Buy
  11. 11 Festival 7:35 Sigur Ros Buy
  12. 12 Hafsól 8:28 Sigur Ros Buy
  13. 13 All Alright 5:41 Sigur Ros Buy
  14. 14 Popplagid 15:23 Sigur Ros Buy
  15. 15 Lúppulagid 5:59 Sigur Ros Buy

Sigur Ros

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