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Felix's Machines EP
Felix's Machines
Felix's Machines EP
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November 2011
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Incredible project of man and machine that has evolved over the years recording pieces of work over the duration. Finally we have an EP, hopefully the first of many bodies of work to come. This EP shows the slow growth of the machine as it takes its form. Constructed using old "wooden piano mechanisms, springs and solenoids" taken from old machinery, the analogue sounds evoking (sometime collaborators) Plaid and Aphex emerge.

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  1. 1 Machines 140207 3:29 Felix's Machines Buy
  2. 2 Glide 2:41 Felix's Machines Buy
  3. 3 Count & Point 2:02 Felix's Machines Buy
  4. 4 Toosen Takk 3:57 Felix's Machines Buy
  5. 5 Particle 4:44 Felix's Machines Buy
  6. 6 Quake 1:59 Felix's Machines Buy
  7. 7 Torn to Pieces 5:17 Felix's Machines Buy
  8. 8 Wavefront (Live) (Norway Mix) 7:03 Felix's Machines Buy


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