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Robert Lippok
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November 2011
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Based on the spectacular set that he played at Raster-Noton's electric campfire at Villa Massimo in September 2010 comes the new long player from To Rococo Rot front man, Robert Lippok. Urged to re-record the material for another installment in the canon of inspired Raster-Noton releases, Lippok shaped his compositions through the visualization of real physical forms, sonically constructing earth-shattering bass waves as the foundations for ambient touches of drone and shimmering digital minimalism. Subtle touches of field recording synthesise loops of kinetic energy that blend to form a physical wave of music that at once appeals to the body and the mind. 'sugarcubes' morse-code like punctuation and epic restless chords creates a piece that fuses the classic Raster-Noton digitalism with Lippoks post-rock distortion, creating a dancefloor slaying track that drags you back for repeated listens. 'daylightastronomy' with its hisses, scratches and poinitilist tones creates a 14 minute ambient piece, that brings back the live performance back to life. Another incredible release on Raster-Noton, that will appeal to many. A must.

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  1. 1 unfold 2:28 Robert Lippok Buy
  2. 2 inphase 5:14 Robert Lippok Buy
  3. 3 sugarcubes 4:49 Robert Lippok Buy
  4. 4 whitesuperstructure 4:50 Robert Lippok Buy
  5. 5 slowdancingform 2:02 Robert Lippok Buy
  6. 6 nycycle 3:44 Robert Lippok Buy
  7. 7 bouncingform 0:46 Robert Lippok Buy
  8. 8 ultrared 1:35 Robert Lippok Buy
  9. 9 daylightastronomy 14:15 Robert Lippok Buy

Robert Lippok


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