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Mount Kimbie
MK 3.5: In Your Eyes & A Deities Encore | Q & Quartz
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September 1, 2022


Right from the beginning of their career, Dom Maker and Kai Campos have poured their eclectic influences and idiosyncratic musical styles into every corner of Mount Kimbie. From their genre-defining debut Crooks & Lovers to the genre-defying Love What Survives, their vision has only grown wider and more collaborative, as they merge a melting pot of sounds with the contributions of a community of artists and friends.

This diverse and all-embracing spirit has never been so pronounced as on MK 3.5. Coming a year after their last drop of Love What Survives unreleased tracks ‘Black Stone’ and ‘Blue Liquid’, MK 3.5 marks not only a new release but a completely new era in Mount Kimbie’s artistry. After years of exploring their separate talents on opposite sides of the world, Dom and Kai present their new working process in singles split between the two of them.

With the former half handled by Dom Maker, ‘in your eyes’ begins with solemn keys and distorted complaints painting a picture of British childhood, before slowthai’s expressive vocals push the track into its groove as he moves from warbling bittersweet-ness to consonants heavily enunciated and apoplectic with rage. ‘a deities encore’ flows in a more curious manner, with pianos blossoming and glistening to a drill-powered rhythm, and the blissful chorus of Live.e’s many voices.

Kai Campos’s selection trudges down a more experimental path that Mount Kimbie have toyed with before, tunnelling through gravel and shifting noise on the rough frayed techno of ‘Q’. The bass rumble burrows even further underground on ‘Quartz’, tension forming from angular clockwork clunks and a hypnotic beat as traces of acid synths course throughout.

On MK 3.5, Mount Kimbie split their singular vision in all directions, exploring their musical extremes like never before.

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