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On The Track EP
On The Track EP
Pelican Fly
Catalogue Number
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October 2011
7 Tracks
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Deep low-end delights from Richelle on his Belgium-based Pelican Fly label founded with DJ Slow. Thick reverb clouds an atmosphere of menacing pitched-up and down vocals and paranoia inducing rhythms as Richelle throws down three positively anthemic tracks of hyperactivity. Remixes come from Canblaster, Marcus Price, DJ Slink, Max Le Baron and Javier Estrada.

  1. 1 I Think (Original Mix) 5:47 Richelle Buy
  2. 2 Don't Do (Original Mix) 6:37 Richelle Buy
  3. 3 Somewhere Secret (Original Mix) 6:06 Richelle Buy
  4. 4 I Think (Marcus Price Remix) 4:35 Richelle Buy
  5. 5 I Think (DJ Sliink Remix) 3:59 Richelle Buy
  6. 6 Don't Do (Max Le Daron & Javier Estrada Remix) 5:11 Richelle Buy
  7. 7 Somewhere Secret (Canblaster Remix) 3:52 Richelle Buy


Pelican Fly

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