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Ghost People
Ghost People
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October 2011
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Once again Martyn's influence stands tall. While it seems like most "post-dubstep" producers seem to be making house these days - due in-part to Martyn's 3024 legacy - Martyn carries on to pursue his melting pot of signature sounds: skipping UK 2-step percussion intricacies, dubstep and drum and bass low-end frequencies, the stabbing chords of Detroit and the 4/4 rhythms of Chicago. Although much more dancefloor heavy with this release, Martyn still manages to find a warmth and depth within his sound that permeates many receptors. The key tracks from this album could resonate just as comfortably in a dingy London archway as they could in Berghain. The Dutchman still can't be pinned down to any one genre, but not that we care too much, we just know he has made one of the best albums of 2011...

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  1. 1 Love and Machines (feat. Spaceape) 1:53 Martyn Buy
  2. 2 Viper 2:38 Martyn Buy
  3. 3 Masks 4:58 Martyn Buy
  4. 4 Distortions 4:56 Martyn Buy
  5. 5 Popgun 5:38 Martyn Buy
  6. 6 I Saw You at Tule Lake 1:08 Martyn Buy
  7. 7 Ghost People 4:32 Martyn Buy
  8. 8 Twice As 4:06 Martyn Buy
  9. 9 Bauplan 3:42 Martyn Buy
  10. 10 Horror Vacui 4:04 Martyn Buy
  11. 11 We Are You in the Future 8:42 Martyn Buy


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