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Central Fire / Eze-Ozo
Bleep Bass Bundle
Mint Condition Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
July 22, 2022
  • Bundle:

    • Central Fire This Is A Shout Going Out Vinyl, EP, Coloured Vinyl Red vinyl

    • Eze-Ozo How To Stay Alive Vinyl, 12" Coloured Vinyl White vinyl

    • + WAV / FLAC
    • Bleep exclusive
    • Limited to 100

    Available: July 22, 2022


This Is A Shout Going Out

Across California in the early ‘90s, DJ culture was shaped at backyard parties, in warehouses, on regional radio shows, and in the hands of local scenes. Because of the decidedly DIY approach to scene building, acid breakbeats and psychedelic house weren’t treated as passing trends, but era-defining monuments by and for locals. One of those defining pillars came in 1994 from Central Fire, a collaboration out of the Bay Area between DJ Spun and Courtney Nielsen that would come to crystallise the breakbeat movement and cement it for decades to come.

Nearly thirty years on from its initial release, the duo’s defining classic This Is A Shout Going Out continues to find new ears thanks to a reissue from Mint Condition, a new London label determined to excavate the outer fringes of classic House and Techno scenes. The “fringe” aspect here must be its localized initial release from San Francisco outfit Twitch Recordings considering Shout’s three tracks explode with a bubbly directness that would be hard to call outsider fare.

'This Is A Shout Going Out' (Into The Future Mix) opens the set on a subtle Roland TB-303 bassline before issuing breaks on top of mutating breaks. Jim Hopkins streamlines the original with his Sliced and Diced Mix, but keeps it jam-packed even after a bit of tailoring. On the b-side, 'Central Fire (Yes People It's Time Pt.1 and 2)’ unfurls gloriously across thirteen minutes with an infectious flute melody, funk guitar samples, frenzied record scratching, and a vocal breakdown in the second half that pushes things into psychedelic territory. Remastered and reissued with the blessings of Spun and Nielsen, Shout solidifies itself as a prescient document of breakbeat history while offering a warm glimpse into the home-grown embrace of dance music across California’s backyards and warehouses.

How To Stay Alive

A man of chameleonic talents in countless electronic dance scenes, Dylan Beale has been operating under a handful of aliases and groups since the start of the 90s. With a crate’s worth of records still in heavy rotation, he is perhaps most well known for the moody and twisted jungle classic of 1997 ‘Give Me A Dubplate’ as Rude & Deadly with Tobi Bridie, but the release to cement his career with cult club stardom was one of his very first.

Originally released on white label and promo 12”s in 1991, How To Stay Alive from Beale’s Eze-Ozo project is a hidden gem of bleep techno found in treasure troves of oldskool mixes and underground rave playlists. Now unearthed by London based reissue label Mint Condition, this rare record is ready for new dancefloor memories to be made.

A master of pacing, Eze-Ozo makes sure every sound gets its spotlight over the tracks runtime, while keeping their infectious danceability at an all-time high. ‘How To Stay Alive’ is a slowburner, measured with squelching synths and futuristic pads that complement the expertly flipped Blade Runner sample. On the flipside, ‘Kick The Break In’ is layered to perfection, pairing thunderous beats with haunting strings that add an emotional and cinematic angle to this breakbeat belter.

With a remaster by Curve Pusher, How To Stay Alive’s acid tinged synth stabs and crashing breaks gain a new solidity. Let your speakers rise to the challenge of playing a deadly sub bass designed to pound in your heart and propel your body into a dancing fever.

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