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Kinshasa One Two
Various Artists
Kinshasa One Two
Catalogue Number
Release Date
October 2011
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Digital formats now available!

Deluxe vinyl edition:
Double vinyl pressing in gatefold sleeve, with 14 x 300x300mm art cards housed in their own presentation sleeve. All encased in rigid slipcase. Includes unique code to access download of the album plus three bonus tracks.

CD edition:
CD in digipack with 12 page booklet. Includes unique code to access download of the album plus three bonus tracks.

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  1. 1 Hallo (feat. Tout Puissant Mukalo and Nelly Liyemge) 4:48 DRC Music Buy
  2. 2 K-Town (feat. N?Gotshima and Bebson) 3:51 DRC Music Buy
  3. 3 African Space Anthem (A.S.A.) (feat. Ewing Sima of Tout Puissant Mukalo) 3:05 DRC Music Buy
  4. 4 Love (feat. Love) 1:02 DRC Music Buy
  5. 5 Lingala (feat. Bokatola System and Evala Litongo) 4:56 DRC Music Buy
  6. 6 Lourds (feat. Yende Bongongo of Okwess International) 2:18 DRC Music Buy
  7. 7 Respect Of The Rules (feat. Loi X Liberal) 3:05 DRC Music Buy
  8. 8 We Come From The Forest (feat. Bokatola System) 4:29 DRC Music Buy
  9. 9 Customs (feat. Bokatola System) 2:32 DRC Music Buy
  10. 10 Virginia (feat. Magakala Virginia Yollande and Yowa Hollande) 2:59 DRC Music Buy
  11. 11 Ah Congo (feat. Jupiter Bokondji and Bokatola System) 3:59 DRC Music Buy
  12. 12 Three Piece Sweet Part 1 & 2 (feat. Bebson) 3:44 DRC Music Buy
  13. 13 If You Wish to Stay Awake (feat. Washiba) 3:12 DRC Music Buy
  14. 14 Departure (feat. Bokatola System) 3:38 DRC Music Buy


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