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Ernest Hood
Back to the Woodlands
Freedom To Spend
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Release Date
11 novembre 2022

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Ernest Hood’s story is both tragic and inspiring in equal measure. An accomplished jazz guitarist by the mid 1940’s, Hood was well on his way to stardom before Polio robbed him of his ability to play. Still emboldened, Hood picked up the far less taxing zither as his new instrument and recorded Neighbourhoods, his nostalgic opus of ambient jazz in 1975. Previously lost recordings from around the era (chiefly between 1972 and 1982) have suddenly been unearthed and collected as a new LP entitled Back to the Woodlands. Hood’s zither work meshes wonderfully with field recordings to further flesh out the themes he chased all those years ago.

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

  1. 1 Noonday Yellows 4:22 Acheter
  2. 2 Rain 3:38 Acheter
  3. 3 Dusk 3:14 Acheter
  4. 4 The Jantzen Rag (Raccoons) 0:55 Acheter

    The Jantzen Rag (Raccoons)

  5. 5 Pleasant, This Garden 3:34 Acheter
  6. 6 Bedroom of the Absent Child 3:01 Acheter

    Bedroom of the Absent Child

  7. 7 Into the Groves 1:43 Acheter
  8. 8 Warm Pathways 3:11 Acheter
  9. 9 Sunny Banks 2:28 Acheter
  10. 10 Fragrant Duff 1:59 Acheter
  11. 11 Beaver's Pond 0:57 Acheter
  12. 12 Untitled 4:28 Acheter

Vinyl Track List

A1. Noonday Yellows
A2. Rain
A3. Dusk
A4. The Jantzen Rag (Raccoons)
A5. Pleasant, This Garden
B1. Bedroom of the Absent Child Lost Creek Suite:
B2. Into The Groves
B3. Warm Pathways
B4. Sunny Banks
B5. Fragrant Duff
B6. Beaver’s Pond
B7. Untitled

Ernest Hood

Freedom To Spend

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