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Various Artists
80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 2
Contort Yourself
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Release Date
September 2, 2022

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Press Release

Rich-poor divide widens. Unemployment soars. The East and West eyeball each other on the brink. 2022 isn't too far off the 1980s. Contort Yourself know this. Following the huge success of the prophetic 80s Underground Cassette Culture Vol 1, Vol 2 is set to hit shelves and screens with the same brand of distortion soaked didactics. Twenty one tracks from across the globe make up this second installment with nothing being constant. Instead, the overarching message is one of wanton abandonment; burnt-out artists peddling an electronic punk profanity, marginalised musicians spitting on the establishment and industry. Rusted guitar strings, cobbled drum machines and fire in the belly; this is the recipe. A soundtrack of despondent despair, a lament of languid lechery, an anthem of what was then and still is now.

Track List

Side 1:

  1. Die Achse - "Under The Church"
  2. Nostlagie Eternelle - "Peace Of Mind"
  3. Years On Earth - "As You're Told" 4.I f, Bwana - "Tiny Bladders"
  4. Stefan Schrader - "Attempt To Rap"

Side 2:

  1. Misteek - "Bump Beat"
  2. M Rendell - "CV In"
  3. Dix Ferro - "Bienvenidos A Neuchatel"
  4. Sluik - "Open Window"
  5. Pornosect - "Pressure Level"
  6. The Horse He's Sick - "Projectile Fascination"

Side 3:

  1. M Nomized - "Nitsed"
  2. John J Lafia - "Life Is Short"
  3. Interaccion - "Newton"
  4. Die Mysteriosen - "Spurhund"
  5. Homage A Brinkmann - "Franzosisch"

Side 4:

  1. Solanaceae Tau - "Tekno Pop"
  2. Ob Ovo + Sha 261 - "The CIA, It Dances"
  3. Collectionism - "We Are All Children Of God"
  4. UPM - "Anstalt"
  5. Wolfgang Wiggers - "Slightly Mental"

Contort Yourself

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