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Various Artists
Man Recordings Acappellas
Man Recordings
Catalogue Number
Man 061
Release Date
August 5, 2011


A collection of Portuguese language acappellas that have been utilized by the likes of Seiji, Crookers, Edu K, Feadz, Oliver $, Ku Bo and Man Recordings label head, Daniel Haaksman. Good to go for party-DJs with a taste for latin rhythms of Baile Funk, Moombathon, Reggaeton and all appropraite off-shoots.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Soca Ali Baba (Acappella) Crookers feat. MC Dandao 1:26 Buy

    Soca Ali Baba (Acappella)

  2. 2 Para De Graçinha (Acappella) Crookers feat. MC Leka 1:21 Buy

    Para De Graçinha (Acappella)

  3. 3 Gatas, Gatas, Gatas (Acappella) EDU K 1:45 Buy

    Gatas, Gatas, Gatas (Acappella)

  4. 4 Hot Mama (Acappella) EDU K 2:58 Buy

    Hot Mama (Acappella)

  5. 5 Popozuda Rock n' Roll (Acappella) EDU K 1:46 Buy

    Popozuda Rock n' Roll (Acappella)

  6. 6 Sex-O-Matic (Acappella) Edu K Feat. Deize Tigrona 2:28 Buy

    Sex-O-Matic (Acappella)

  7. 7 Subiu, Desceu (Acappella) Feadz feat. MC Wesley 1:07 Buy

    Subiu, Desceu (Acappella)

  8. 8 Toca Pra Mim (Acappella) Jesse Rose & Deize Tigrona 1:15 Buy

    Toca Pra Mim (Acappella)

  9. 9 1 Real (Acappella) MC Gringo feat. MC Binho 2:23 Buy

    1 Real (Acappella)

  10. 10 Ta Com Medo De Mim (Acappella) Oliver $ & Deize Tigrona 2:16 Buy

    Ta Com Medo De Mim (Acappella)

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