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Parallax Sounds
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September 2011
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Gushing waves of cinematic sound from Danish duo, Jakob Skott and Jonas Munk. The pair follow on from their last album on Ghostly International and past releases on Morr Music, with their latest album offering; a compelling concoction of big expansive swaths of colour and light and touches of influence from stalwarts of the nineties shoegaze scene such as My Bloody Valentine and The Cocteau Twins. Seefeel fans take note!

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  1. 1 Iris Germanica 4:03 Syntaks Buy
  2. 2 Shiftandshade Ahead 5:05 Syntaks Buy
  3. 3 Submariner 4:24 Syntaks Buy
  4. 4 When Tomorrow Turns a Million 3:46 Syntaks Buy
  5. 5 Indigo Spine 4:17 Syntaks Buy
  6. 6 Oak Moon 3:54 Syntaks Buy
  7. 7 Someone Elses Dream 3:32 Syntaks Buy
  8. 8 Lucertola 4:19 Syntaks Buy
  9. 9 Hollow 3:00 Syntaks Buy
  10. 10 Into Two 5:10 Syntaks Buy
  11. 11 Journey to the Third Part of the Night 6:14 Syntaks Buy
  12. 12 Sighing Structures 2:38 Syntaks Buy
  13. 13 Scintillation Skin 4:58 Syntaks Buy
  14. 14 Days of Future Pasts 7:20 Syntaks Buy
  15. 15 Ruby Glass 4:58 Syntaks Buy


Parallax Sounds

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