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DJ-Kicks - MCDE
Motor City Drum Ensemble
DJ-Kicks - MCDE
!K7 Records
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July 2011
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The legendary DJ Kicks series is alive and well and is evidenced here by Motor City Drum Ensemble's contribution to the series with a truly inspired and seamlessly mixed selection of tracks. It is a man that takes risks that manages to execute a journey that seats the cosmic sounds of Sun Ra and Fred P comfortably adjacent to the ear-worming mutations of Aphex Twin and Robert Hood. And with risks come pay-offs, an eclectic 23-track head-trip in the right direction.

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  1. 1 Door To The Cosmos (Unmixed) 9:00 Sun Ra
  2. 2 Again (Scratch 22 Remix) (Unmixed) 2:14 Electric Wire Hustle
  3. 3 Mango Drive (Unmixed) 7:12 Rhythm & Sound
  4. 4 Ariya (Unmixed) 8:43 Tony Allen
  5. 5 Stuck (Unmixed) 8:43 Peven Everett
  6. 6 Breakdown Treat (Unmixed) 5:30 Bad Jazz Troupe
  7. 7 The Juice (Unmixed) 5:04 Mr. Fingers
  8. 8 Can Your Love Find It's Way (Unmixed) 6:04 Rick "Poppa" Howard
  9. 9 Girl I Like The Way That You Move (Unmixed) 6:12 Stone
  10. 10 On This Vibe (Unmixed) 10:22 Fred P
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Motor City Drum Ensemble

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