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Carlos Niño & Friends
Extra Presence
International Anthem
Catalogue Number
Release Date
July 22, 2022

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Press Release

International Anthem is proud to present this expanded double LP edition of an album that Carlos Niño released exclusively via his Bandcamp page in 2020.

Despite it’s very limited initial release, the original album, which was titled Actual Presence, received glowing praise from dedicated followers of Carlos Niño & Friends. In Pitchfork, writer Marty Sartini Garner said: “Though it was partially recorded before the pandemic and the uprisings that have defined 2020, Actual Presence is music for an unpleasant present. It’s discordant and fractured, and it frequently comes off as a long trip toward a salvation that’s just out of reach. But like Coltrane, whose spiritual influence runs deep here, Carlos Niño believes in a big, beautiful universe that exists in spite of the present suffering. The sprawling, ever-changing sound of Actual Presence is his best attempt yet to recreate the joy of losing yourself to it.”

Featuring a whole LP worth of entirely new, additional material, the remastered and expanded Extra Presence features Niño alongside an incredibly high profile slate of collaborators including: Jamael Dean, Nate Mercereau, Shabazz Palaces, Deantoni Parks, Sam Gendel, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Jamire Williams, Iasos, and more.

Track List

  1. In The Moment (with Devin Daniels, Randy Gloss, Jamael Dean, and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
  2. Explorations 7 (with Devin Daniels, Randy Gloss, Jamael Dean, and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
  3. Actually (with Deantoni Parks, Jamael Dean, and Nate Mercereau)
  4. Youwillgetthroughthis, I promise (with Jamael Dean)
  5. for the Shapalaceer (with Sam Gendel and Nate Mercereau)
  6. Dreamsishappening (Instrumental) (with Jamael Dean and Sharada)
  7. Luis's Special Shells (with Jamael Dean and Jamire Williams)
  8. Jamirelandflight (with Jamire Williams, Josh Johnson, Jamael Dean, and Nate Mercereau)
  9. WaterWavesArrival (with Jesse Peterson)
  10. Mushroomeclipse (with Iasos)
  11. Youwillgetthroughthis with Koto (with Jesse Peterson)
  12. Dreamsishappening (featuring Shabazz Palaces, Jamael Dean and Sharada)
  13. Dreamsishappening (Reprise)
  14. Luis's Special Shells (with Jamael Dean) Alternate MIX
  15. AmazonianPulse (with Laraaji and Nate Mercereau)
  16. Thandi Piano EDIT (from 080619, with additions)
  17. Recurrent Reiki Dreams (with Iasos)

Carlos Niño & Friends

International Anthem

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