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Various Artists
Sci-Fi Electro Series Bundle
Electro Records
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April 15, 2022
  • Sci Fi Electro Series 7 x EP Bundle:

    • Scape One Tears In The Rain (In Tribute to Blade Runner) Vinyl, EP Orange vinyl

    • Transpac The Future Is Now (In Tribute to THX 1138) Vinyl, EP Grey vinyl

    • Sound Synthesis End Of The Line. (In Tribute to Tron) Vinyl, EP Pink vinyl

    • Nebenprodukt Los Angeles 2029 (In Tribute to Terminator) Vinyl, EP Blue vinyl

    • Kan3da Number 28 (In Tribute to Akira) Vinyl, EP Green vinyl

    • N-ter Outpost 31 (In Tribute to The Thing) Vinyl, EP Red vinyl

    • Alek Stark The Monolith (In Tribute to 2001 - A Space Odyssey) Vinyl, EP Yellow vinyl

    Available: April 15, 2022

Electro Records have put together seven unique long EPs for their Sci-Fi Electro Series. Each release takes inspiration from a classic sci-fi film of the 20th century and features key names across the electro canon including Scape One, Sound Synthesis, Kan3da, Nebenprodukt, N-Ter, Transpac and Alek Stark.

Alek Stark travels half a century backwards, paying tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s seminal 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Beginning with engine thrums, alien winds, and strange vocal harmonies, The Monolith soon evolves into curious yet unsettling electro. Scape One’s release makes space for deep textures and groovy beats in homage to the 1982 epic Blade Runner. Tears In The Rain explores the film’s sprawling cityscape and cassette futurism with bleeps, zaps, and subconscious static, pitting Vangelis’ ocean of analog synths against existentialist electro. Croatian electro pioneer N-Ter takes inspiration from John Carpenter's cult classic The Thing - N-Ter’s staccato synth stabs and mutating basslines convey the intense paranoia suffered by the characters throughout the film.

Swedish producer Kan3da chooses the anime classic Akira for the focus of his release; his signature drawn-out passages of cinematic synths abundant in his discography make him a fitting addition to the Sci-Fi Electro series (not to mention coincidentally sharing a name with Akira’s protagonist!). Gamelan, organ, and reverent disembodied choirs build tension and set the scene for starlit synths, bustling beats, and dark piano stabs. Los Angeles 2029 by mysterious masked producer Nebenproduct is a muscular display of ferocious synths, cascading kicks and punches, and swarming bass rushes in a tribute to James Cameron’s sci-fi classic The Terminator. Sparse cyclical beats and laser gun synths populate End Of The Line by Sound Synthesis, with glowing glassy pads oscillating throughout and synthwave echoes that tread even further into Tron’s virtual domain. Transpac’s The Future Is Now matches THX 1138’s dystopian world with ease: icy and isolating synths descend on foreboding low buzzes, and drum machines hit with hollow metallic resonance like android shells.

  1. 1 A Side CUT 1 Scape One 1:59
  2. 2 A Side CUT 2 Scape One 1:56
  3. 3 A Side CUT 3 Scape One 1:57
  4. 4 A Side CUT 4 Scape One 1:36
  5. 5 B Side CUT 1 Scape One 2:00
  6. 6 B Side CUT 2 Scape One 1:59
  7. 7 B Side CUT 3 Scape One 1:58
  8. 8 B Side CUT 4 Scape One 2:01
  9. 9 A Side CUT 1 Transpac 2:00
  10. 10 A Side CUT 2 Transpac 1:51
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