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Dias da Aranha
Souk Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
May 6, 2022


Press Release

It is no surprise that the most populated Serpente record to date is also his most vibrant and emancipated. With collaborations from Maxwell Sterling, Kelly Jayne Jones, Pedro Sousa, Vasco Alves and Gabriel Ferrandini, “Dias da Aranha” is a leap from previous releases like “Parada” and “Fé/Vazio”, both on Ecstatic. If you’re keeping in touch with Portuguese electronic music, then Bruno Silva’s music should be no stranger to you. If you’ve also been keeping tabs on his evolution throughout our catalogue, you’ll notice how mature and resolved his sounds feels in “Dias da Aranha”. There’s no restrain here, the beats evolve in a self- confident way and the way it assembles and incorporates other people's sounds is a bliss. Go straight to the last track, “Ritos de Poeira”, and listen to how organic everything feels, the endless rhythm and how Pedro Sousa’s saxophone is incorporated as a beautiful hopeful lament. Just put it on repeat. Bliss. We have never heard Bruno – as Serpente or Ondness – so sure of himself. Escapism is very present in his music. In the past the idea of searching for it was key, in “Dias da Aranha” he lives in it. It is daring and luminous, streaming a continuous beam of bright ideas, making sure that they find the right course on their own (“Meio Ondness”). It never stops, keeps evolving, getting better and finding ways to surprise the listener. In some moments you can listen to the music breathing. Or sense some kind of field recordings shape. It doesn’t rely anymore on the idea of music as a work in progress. This is evolution. Welcome to the Serpente Era. Artwork by AJD and Bruno Silva Mastered by Carlos Nascimento

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Nunca Morras 5:05 Buy
  2. 2 Meio Ondness (feat. Maxwell Sterling) 8:01 Buy

    Meio Ondness (feat. Maxwell Sterling)

  3. 3 Símbolo IV (feat. Pedro Sousa) 4:25 Buy

    Símbolo IV (feat. Pedro Sousa)

  4. 4 Símbolo V (feat. Kelly Jayne Jones & Maxwell Sterling) 4:17 Buy

    Símbolo V (feat. Kelly Jayne Jones & Maxwell Sterling)

  5. 5 Vala da Luz da Manhã (feat. Kelly Jayne Jones, Pedro Sousa & Gabriel Ferrandini) 4:48 Buy

    Vala da Luz da Manhã (feat. Kelly Jayne Jones, Pedro Sousa & Gabriel Ferrandini)

  6. 6 Ritos de Poeira (feat. Pedro Sousa) 11:21 Buy

    Ritos de Poeira (feat. Pedro Sousa)

Track List

  1. / A1 Nunca Morras
  2. / A2 Meio Ondness
  3. / A3 Símbolo IV
  4. / B1 Símbolo V
  5. / B2 Vala da Luz da Manhã 6 /
  6. / B3 Ritos de Poeira


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