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Gaul Plus
Soiled Ether
Bedouin Records
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April 15, 2022

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Brooklyn via San Francisco. My mom would sing her lyric "my tongue is a machine gun" so passionately at the reflective toaster oven that it shakes me until this day. She really only agreed with my dad about Nina Hagen and the therapeutic prowess of ecstasy pills. I was either side-stepping or spinning between punks and hippies, painted tall tees and the last glimpses of piers laced with D N B - Lebbeus Woods lectures seemingly constant. Why didn't he just move to SF?And then Channel U changed my conception of a beat. A little later I was crushed by Japanoise' thunderous take on spirituality. I guess I realized these are communities not scenes. And sheesh! What a community I'm so grateful to have found. Anyway… This record was made during my first time getting to spend whole days working on music. Missing Tokyo crazily, listening to an endless stream of experimental downtempo from 1992-98. Perpetually graped at .08. Thankfully the machines and I had room to develop a language that not only got a message across but has evocative little tongue rolls and things as well. I desperately hope everyone is afforded that room at some point in their life. But for me meditation doesn't require an empty space. This is an EP that tells the story of a honey bee - I hope y'all find a cute and unmediated relationship together throughout the 5 tracks. This is a bit like a road-trip film through the process of forced digitization. Yes we're all cybernetic at this point but that's no excuse to dull our sensitivities. I guess the question is… since when is being calm a desirable personality trait????

Gratitude time! here's a thank you section that covers a microscopic portion of the things that inspired this ep:

The somehow both merciful and merciless lord Gina Lee I love you. My mom Saam Nomad/Sam and Sam/Gal/Tarwuk/Izumi Suzuki/Nancy Grossman/Coco Fusco/Claude Parent/Amagatsu Ushio/Alexandre Jouveaux/Soil Thornton/Gakuryu Ishii/Juergen Klauke/Tishan Hsu/Olivier Assayas

Basically all my incredibly passionate friends and the communities they help cultivate that are just intoxicating, electrifying and exceedingly thoughtful.

Please help this 12" remain a fable - donate to The Guardians of the Forest. tysm.

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