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Third emission for the John Elliott curated (via Mego) Spectrum Spools features FORMA (Mark Dwinell, Sophie Lam, & George Bennett) on the NYC minimal synth scene in 2010 with a singular vision of cosmic Krautrock for a new age. On their eponymous debut LP, the Brooklyn-based electronics trio merges the melodic flow and primitive rhythms of their motorik predecessors with the hypnotic drones of Minimalism.many of the LP's eleven tracks, draw energy from a precarious position on the grid; between structural rigidity and free improvisation. Stunning.

Track List

  1. 1 Forma 237A 4:23 Forma Buy
  2. 2 Forma 211 2:01 Forma Buy
  3. 3 Forma 235 3:11 Forma Buy
  4. 4 Forma 246 0:26 Forma Buy
  5. 5 Forma 247 1:14 Forma Buy
  6. 6 Forma 233B 4:52 Forma Buy
  7. 7 Forma 199 1:53 Forma Buy
  8. 8 Forma 197 4:54 Forma Buy
  9. 9 Forma 230 5:13 Forma Buy
  10. 10 Forma 89 1:09 Forma Buy
  11. 11 Forma 237B 6:14 Forma Buy


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