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Abdullah Miniawy + HVAD
Notice a Tiny Scratch for the Blue Behind
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Release Date
April 22, 2022


Press Release

Abdullah Miniawy and HVAD release the album “Notice a Tiny Scratch for the Blue Behind” on ULLLU as the first release on the newly founded label by HVAD. The album expands on the collaboration first heard on the track “The Dirty Canes Lake” released via Cairo based label IRSH and also featured on the full-length album. In a landscape no doubt inspired by pre Islamic arabia Abdullah Miniawy recalls djinns and illuminates the wreckage of polytheism back in this time. In a theatrical narrative, a new style of writing manifests against the poetry form used in his previous work. A political royal rumble offers the listeners a telepathic experience of a valiant communist figure such as Abu Dhar Al Ghafari (the inventor of Alsalamu Alyukum) and draws an alter ego of the artist. This creates a spiritual guide which evocates several unfamiliar sounds and immersing styles of traditional desert singing in its finest contemporary form. The album was created in HVAD’s studio in Copenhagen during Miniways stay there in 2020. Sharing a vision in seeking towards something ancient, Miniawy’s texts and vocal compositions are supported by HVAD’s instrumental compositions and production on “Notice a Tiny Scratch for the Blue Behind”, providing a sense of liberation from present time that the body doesn’t otherwise have access to. Yet the songs never enter a state of nostalgia but remain rooted in transmission of new practices by the two collaborating artists. Parts of the music have been made by recording improvisations on classical Indian instruments and cutting these into lacquer discs, allowing for the material to be worked with as locked grooves and making for a signature compositional method aligning with HVAD’s work as a vinyl master cutting engineer. “Notice A Tiny Scratch for the Blue Behind” will be released on digital platforms and eventually on LP mastered and cut by HVAD at Kommunal Dubplates Service in Copenhagen, from where he will be cutting master lacquers for the future releases of ULLLU.

Abdullah Miniawy: Defining his own craft as an "expression of religion, revolution and freedom", Abdullah Miniawy is the herald of a musical realm where music, faith and politics entangle to form a strikingly profound tableau of the human condition in an era of uncontrolled digital frenzy. Multiplying main projects and side endeavours, Miniawy is keeping a position of choice as a spearhead of vanguard music. The result goes way beyond expectations, pushing forth a uniquely free, mind-expanding brand of sufi-esque riddims and more ambientoid spaces for contemplation as it steers clear from normative club music to root deeper into socio-politically charged introspection and thoughtful, elegiac body music.

HVAD: HVAD has been a part of an international music scene for the last decade and is one of the most influential figures of the Danish electronic scene in this millennium, working with frontier seeking electro-acoustic sound through modern Scandinavian experimental hard electronic dance music and neoclassical Indian music. HVAD is the only master record cutting engineer in Denmark and uses acetate and dubplate cuts of personal recordings in his compositional work. HVAD has previously released music on now past self-owned label Syg Nok, PAN, Halcyon Veil, Love Love Records and Janus Berlin, with music frequently featured by a.o. Aphex Twin.

Album credits. Lyrics and vocal composition by Abdullah Miniawy. Instrumental composition and production by HVAD. Electronics, Tabla, Violin, Metal, Locked Grooves by HVAD. Trumpet composition on title track by Abdullah Miniawy. Mix, mastering and lacquer cutting by HVAD. Cover photo by Ahmed Qabel. Press photos by Mathias Thomsen.

Track List

  1. Meanwhile The Survivors Are Shamefully Arriving ( King of Rome )
  2. Four Frontiers
  3. Dirty Lanes Take ( Dirty Canes Lake )
  4. Notice a tiny scratch for the blue behind
  5. Sighted blind

Ambient and Modern Classical

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